5 fun things to do at home with the children

Struggling on ways to keep the children entertained at home at the moment? We asked some good friends of Rosie & Lula what they had been getting up to with their little ones...

1. Get crafty 

Because what little one doesn't love to get their arts and crafts out (and make a bit of a mess!). Why not ask them what it is they would like to make and then find a YouTube tutorial to follow. Rosie & Lula chose to make these adorable mini baskets just before Easter. 

Rosie and Lula wear our Olivier Liberty Cara Dress


2. Make magical flower potions 

We'll all agree that if there's one thing helping us get through these strange times it's that the sun has been shining, making this a great outdoors activity! While on their walks Holly and her daughters, Sienna and Serafina, have been collecting flowers and leaves to turn into magical flower potions when they get back home.

 3. Zip-lock sensory wallets 

We absolutely love this idea from Tabitha who has filled a variety of zip-lock wallets with water, food colouring and vegetable oil and then taped them down to a playmate. Tabitha's daughter, Ottilie, is 10 month old so sensory activities like this are super beneficial for her development. 


Ottilie wears our Olivier Mabel Vintage Pink Romper 


4. Make pretty garden decorations 

Another opportunity for the little ones to get arty and a little messy in the garden! Katie from @themumlife_styled and her daughters, Isabella and Charlotte, created these beautiful decorations to hang in their garden. 

Isabella wears our Louise Misha Lemon Flowers Izia Top and Charlotte wears our Louise Misha Lemon Flowers Campeche Blouse 


5. Sensory play

Another simple and easy sensory idea from Tabitha and Ottilie! Pour either cereal or porridge oats into a large bowl along with some colourful blocks for endless entertainment. 

  Ottilie wears our Olivier Mabel Vintage Pink Romper