Meet the Brand - Louise Misha
French brand Louise Misha is a timeless, unique label from designer and founder Marie Pidancet. Taking inspiration from her trips around the world, the brand truly has the most eclectic and fashionable pieces. With a huge focus on supporting their many teams around the world, we think Louise Misha is a true representation of excellence in small business which is why we love working with them year after year. 

How did Louise Misha first come about?

After several years of work experience in a fashion trend agency, Marie Pidancet, the designer of Louise Misha, decided to undertake a trip to Asia. During a stay in India, something inside of her just clicked, she wanted to create her own brand. When she came back to France she decided to create clothes for little girls with the help of her friend. And that's how Louise Misha was born.

Where are the pieces made?

We have many certified suppliers according to different know-how needed. Every partnership is the opportunity to share knowledge. Our silk pieces, lingerie, and swimwear are made in China, our printed pieces, cotton, and handmade embroidery are made in India, our jersey and fleece pieces are made in Portugal, our knitted from Italy and our socks are made in France. We have a very close relationship with our workshops who support us since the start of the adventure and without whom this brand would not even exist. We have developed a human relationship that goes beyond the supplier relationship. We feel a responsibility towards them and we share with them a real desire to build together a significant social impact.

How does the design process work and where do you take your inspiration from?

Each collection is inspired by Marie’s trips. She draws her inspiration from the beauty of different areas but also from the local folklore and handicrafts around the world. Her family relationships also animate her creations: she often works with the desire to create pieces to dress her son, her sister, her nieces… She also lets herself be influenced by the cultural and artistic references that her father and poet grandfather made her discover. In fact, Louise Misha is a very intimate brand driven by its creator’s pieces of life.

What do you think makes your products stand out from other brands?

Louise Misha is deeply committed to being authentic. Even if the brand is fully supported by its teams, Marie still continues to design each collection and to lead the development. This is this personal dimension that gives the brand a truthful spirit which is visible not only in clothes, but also both in the shooting (done with “real” people, “real” family) and in relation with colleagues, partners, and suppliers. More than clothes, Louise Misha designs a unique vision of the world, which is none other than Marie’s vision.


Are there any exciting future plans for Louise Misha?

From its beginnings, Louise Misha grew slowly, in its own time, without particular plans. We like to test and learn from our own decisions. We know how rare it is in the fashion industry that’s why we wanted to maintain our independence. Moreover, the Spring/Summer 2021 collection represents a turning point for the sustainability of the brand, we succeeded in spite of the lockdown, to develop a consistent collection in as sustainable a way as possible. Even if we are just at the beginning of our sustainability journey, we’ve planned to continue our efforts to control our environmental impact.

What are your favourite pieces from your SS21 collection and why?

We love all our creations equally so it’s so hard to choose! Girls at the office fell for retro cuts which are particularly found in the kids' line with the lovely Mistinguette dress. We also love our delicate embroideries which bring an authentic charm to some pieces such as Kumal rompers, Hadiya tops, or Jendahiu dresses. Also, the Soft Honey Parrots print is our favourite from the collection. Seen on the Toluca protective swimsuit but also on our iconic Baya women swimwear.