Meet the Brand - Wedoble
Portuguese brand Wedoble is one of our firm favourites every season. They produce beautiful timeless, yet comfortable garments for babies and children that are constructed ethically with noble fibres such as merino wool and cashmere being at the height of their designs. We asked them to answer a few questions for us about their processes so that we could get to know them a little better!
1) How did Wedoble first come about?

After many years of producing dreams for others, we thought it was time to produce ours - Wedoble.

The brand was created in 2004 and has created a beautiful path of quality and design.

Wedoble was created after many years of experience producing for other brands. Our factory has over 40 years of experience producing knitted fabrics.

2) Where are the pieces made?

All the pieces are produced in our own factory in Vizela, a city near Oporto in the North of Portugal. 

3) How does the design process work and where do you take your inspiration from?

Babies are our main inspiration. Each season we visit all the main trade shows and take the inspiration in colors, fabrics and yarns presented.

We create mood boards every day and then we make a selection. Its difficult because we work with very different markets and we need to satisfy the different preferences but we try to create timeless collections with the main purpose of being comfortable for the babies.

4) What do you think makes your products stand out from other brands?

Wedoble's main distinction is the quality of the yarns used together with the high technology of our machines.

We use mainly noble fibers such as fine merino wool, cashmere, alpaca or organic cotton in the summer. Our garments are mainly produced with whole garment technology (3D looms from Shima Seiki, a Japanese factory specializes in 3d production)  which means that they have no seams (what can be more comfortable for a baby?)

We are OEKO TEX and GOTHS certificated which reflects the transparency and reliability of the entire productive chain of our company guaranteeing the organic state of the fibers and an environmentally and socially responsible production

5) Are there any exciting future plans for Wedoble?

In the future we hope to get the international acknowledgement as a brand that produce high quality garments, which are ethically produced while taking care of our planet. This is our core and we want all the world to know it.

6) What are your favourite pieces from your SS21 collection and why?

Our favourite pieces from the SS21 collection are the knit garments with no seams because they are what we pride ourselves on. The Colour Block Knit Romper is one of the highlights for us. 

7) Please can you share any photos of your team and any behind the scenes photos?

Absolutely. We have a team of 80 people who in 2020  have produced 200,000 Wedoble garments (40% of the total production of our factory).